Certificate In Emerging Digital Technologies


Half-day workshop

CPD Credit: 3 hours, C3

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A Programme Designed for Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers – How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Modern Business, and What To Do About It.

Artificial Intelligence has come of age. It’s no longer the reserve of the most technical or most advanced businesses. AI has gone mainstream. Digital innovators aren’t nerds. They are business leaders, industry professionals. They understand the business capabilities of AI and, as a result, bring the best-skilled business brains together with the data engineers to create new products, services, and business models.

This series of workshops are for all professionals that want to understand how to better leverage AI to create a new, sustaining competitive advantage.

They are designed for non-technical and technical people alike and will focus on the business skills needed to digitally transform a business by leveraging this emerging technology.

Day 1: Introduction

This is an interactive introduction and introspection. Are we fit to perform in the digital economy against so many new radically diverse competitors?

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the business capabilities of AI, in particular, Machine Learning

2. Examine the digital footprint of your own business and understand how the customer perceives your business

3. Understand how new products, services and business models are driving change

4. Examine how digital innovators are leveraging AI to create a new, sustaining, competitive advantage

Day 2: Experience

This is a hands-on day of experimentation and learning

Day 3: Planning

Will focus on those individuals that are interested or tasked with building better strategic plans - transitioning from ‘doing digital’ to being a ‘digital innovator’

(Day 1 is a prerequisite to move on to days 2 & 3. Day 2&3 dates will be announced at the Day 1 workshop. There is no obligation to attend day 2 and/or 3)

The programme is delivered by ionology.

Check out this 3-minute video to see if the programme is for you.

The courses are fully funded by the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet under the Skillnet Ireland Future Dynamics programme.

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email cpdtraining@engineersireland.ie.