Introduction to Eurocodes 0 & 1


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C1

Course Aim

This course will provide an introduction to two Eurocodes. These are Eurocode 0 – I.S.EN 1990 - Basis of Design and Eurocode 1- I.S. EN 1991 – Actions on Structures. It will mainly concentrate on those parts that relate to buildings rather than to bridges. It will refer to links between the various parts of EN 1991 with the Building Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents.

The course will also refer to future developments and revisions of the Eurocodes.


Introduction to Eurocodes

Introduction to Eurocode 0 I.S. EN 1990 2002 Basis of Design

oReference to Irish National Annex

Scope and Assumptions


Limit State design Introduction

Variables and Analysis


Application for Buildings

Structural reliability

Introduction to Eurocode 1I.S. EN 1991 Actions on Structures:

  • Constituent parts
  • EN 1991-1-1Densities, Self–weight and imposed loads
  • EN 1991-1-3Snow loads
  • EN 1991-1-4Wind loads
  • EN 1991-1-5Thermal Actions
  • EN 1991-1-6Actions during execution
  • EN 1991-1-7Accidental Actions

Review of fire, bridges, Silos and tanks and cranes and machinery parts

Discussion on Irish National Annexes

Review of forthcoming revisions to the suite as well as update on proposed new parts

Discussion on Robustness – led by Professor Alan O’Connor

Learning Outcomes

The relationship of Eurocode 0 to the full suite of Eurocodes
Using EN 1990 for verification of structural design
Determination of Actions using EN 1991

Who Should Attend?

This training course is intended for structural engineers, principally concerned with building design, who wish to learn more about the basis of design and how to verify compliance with design parameters.


  • “Very well delivered, course notes are excellent”
  • “Informative”

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