The Secret to Inspirational Leadership, Teamwork, and Innovation


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6 hours, C4

Course Aim 

  • To provide practical tools to help you become a more inspirational leader.
  • To help you create high performing inclusive teams.
  • To enable you to tap into your own and your teams creativity and innovation, to develop and deliver ideas that have business value.

Learning objectives 

By the end of this programme, you will understand:

  • How your brain works and how your brain doesn’t work.
  • The use of Whole Brain Thinking to lead, collaborate and innovate.
  • Empowerment as an active process.
  • The key principles of becoming a more inspirational leader.
  • How to create an inspirational vision.
  • The keys to building bridges between people who think differently to each other (cognitive diversity and inclusion).
  • Feedback mechanisms that minimise the triggering of our ‘fight or flight’ response.
  • The science of trust building in teams.
  • How to build ‘diverse by design’ teams.
  • How to build more positive relationships in teams.
  • Tools used to unleash your teams imagination.
  • The importance of specific creative behaviours to unleash innovation in your team.
  • The basics of how to build an innovation ecosystem in your organisation.
  • The use of idea evaluation tools.
  • How to align your team behind a common definition of innovation.

Training Approach

Training Centered 35%

The trainer will direct, facilitate, and support the learning process with Miro boards, power-point, videos etc.

Learner Centered 65% 

You will engage in small/large group discussions, brainstorming, real life examples, simulation, exercises, and questions/answer sessions. The trainer will encourage and direct you to integrate and apply your own field of expertise (transferable skills) into the training day. You will be asked to participate in all aspects of the training and to evaluate and reflect on the experience.

Experiential learning will be used heavily so that you can gain a 'feel' for what the real-life situations will be like. The trainer very often uses his own personal life as examples.  Each attendee will leave the session with a personal action plan to become a better leader and a better creator of high performing innovative teams.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to suit all levels throughout an organisation and is aimed at individuals who want to learn techniques to unlock the secret of inspirational leadership, teamwork and innovation.

Trainer’s Profile

Jay Chopra PhD

Jay is a former Fortune 100 executive, specializing in leadership development, teaming, inclusion, innovation, energy management and culture change. Jay holds a PhD in science. He has extensive experience as an organisational development consultant having travelled to 20+ countries to work with various multi-national organisations - routinely operating at senior leadership level.

Jay leads the Making Shift Happen Hybrid Team, with resources in Europe & US. The Making Shift Happen boutique consultancy team is focused on improving performance by making work more human. He is a master certified Whole Brain®?facilitator and is certified in executive coaching, Hogan, EQ, 360 feedback, Insights & Realise 2 Strengths. 

Jay’s x-factor is his strong belief in inclusion as key business enabler. He developed this belief from his personal experience of building-a-bridge within himself between his Irish & Indian heritage, while growing up in what was then a homogenous Ireland. He is a member of The Society For Diversity. Jay is passionate about personal wellbeing and believes that wellbeing is the fundamental fuel for innovative organizations. 

Career Highlights:

  • Served on the Innovation Leadership Team for large multinational - organisational development role focused on creating an inclusive, innovative culture by developing inclusive & innovative leaders, teams and projects - scale: 20,000 global staff, 5+ years.
  • Co-founded boutique consultancy, Making Shift Happen - works with organisations such as Merck/MSD, GSK, UCC, Capital Investment Group, Suntory, Teleflex, Zoetis, Abbvie, Pfizer, Dr. Martens and Exxon Mobil.
  • Co-led the design and implementation of an inclusive, innovative culture change program across a large multinational org using bottom up and top down approaches-scale: 20,000 global staff, 5+ years.
  • Delivered 1000’s of hrs executive coaching over last 10 years, including full executive team to president level in multinational arena.
  • Designed and delivered inclusive teaming workshops - 300+ workshops up to executive team level in multinationals.
  • Designed and implemented a culture change program to create a Great Place To Work at a site of a large multinational. Focus Areas: Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking, Wellbeing, Inspirational Leadership, Diversity and Teaming - scale: 1000+ staff.
  • Trained 300+ Innovation Coaches via inclusive bootcamp experiences.
  • Regularly delivers speaking engagements to large audiences e.g. American Chamber.
  • Serial Innovator, helping to deliver mega-million dollar innovations.


  • “Jay's belief in Creativity tools is infectious and provided me with a real and effective means of tapping into the potential of teams.”
  • “Jay creates an atmosphere that is relaxed, authentic and you will actually come away with some real tools. This session was a breath of fresh air even through the virtual world.”
  • “Jay is an excellent and talented Innovation Trainer.”
  • “I participated in a workshop that Jay led with a senior leadership team. He is extremely skilled at facilitating teams through leadership and team effectiveness training to work in ways that are more collaborative, communicative, innovative and impactful.”

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email