Lean/Agile, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking Training Courses

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email cpdtraining@engineersireland.ie

(1 Day)
Lean/Agile Engineering Workshop - Understanding Lean/Agile Principles & Practice
This workshop will provide participants with a practical understanding of Lean/Agile principles including Flow Efficiency, Continuous Learning, Transparency, Feedback Loops, Resource Efficiency vs Flow Efficiency.
(1 Day)
Lean/Agile Engineering Workshop - Implementing Lean/Agile Principles & Practice
This workshop will examine the tools required to implement Lean/Agile principles to increase efficiency, productivity, and personal and organisational performance.
(1 Day)
Root Cause Analysis: Tools and Techniques
Organisations of all sizes are increasingly choosing to invest in root cause analysis training so that they can perform better for stakeholders, improve their reputation and continue to expand.
(1 Day)
Critical Thinking for Engineers
This workshop will map the Critical Thinking Landscape showing the relevant inputs, process and outputs that can be practically applied in an Engineering Environment.
(1 Day)
Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills
This one-day CPD workshop aims to equip engineering professionals with the practical knowledge and skills to tackle work-based problems using a standard model. This course covers practical decision making and achievable solutions to typical issues and that arise in a work environment.
(1 Day)
Analytical Problem Solving
This course will inform participants of Analytical Problem-Solving Frameworks and Tools. It will take the learner through a logical sequence which can be followed for Business, Service and Engineering problems.
(1 Day)
Innovation and Intrapreneurship for Engineers
This one-day workshop will help you to focus your creativity and rekindle the entrepreneurial thinking that inspired you to become an engineer.
(2 Days)
Lean Problem Solving for Engineers
This unique and highly interactive programme blends deep understanding and practical application of Lean Thinking and Problem Solving, which together form the core of Continuous improvement.