Construction Contracts, BIM and Digital Technology


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C2

Course Overview

In late 2017 the results of the third national survey in benchmarking Building Information Modelling (BIM) showed that 85% of organisations surveyed (40 in total ranging across the industry) welcomed a government BIM mandate akin to the UK's, requiring BIM utilisation on public procurement projects.

Regardless of the results of any mandate, BIM is here, and is steadily growing in use. It will continue to grow in uptake at rapid pace alongside the digital revolution that is happening in the industry. It is because of this, that people need to be prepared, not only in the technological aspects of BIM, but the practical aspects of how BIM and digital technology will affect all aspects of the construction/engineering profession.

We as an industry need to prepare, not only in the technological advances, but how these advanced changes how we tender for work, how we engage with the supply chain and what it will mean for our construction contracts moving forward.

Course Aim

This course is designed for all those involved in construction/engineering projects that are using BIM, or those who are considering procuring works with a BIM requirement and those intending on bidding for this work.

This course is not designed to look at the technology or standards behind BIM, but instead the legal aspects and the practical impact that the use of BIM will have on your business.

  • Introduction to BIM: What is it, and why are we talking about it?
  • BIM and Public Procurement
    • How to procure this properly
    • Understanding what you are signing up to
  • Experience from the UK and North America
  • BIM and the Contract
    • Including BIM in your Contract
    • Who is responsible?
    • Liability
    • Insurances
  • Roadblocks to BIM (and how we break through them)
  • Update on Case Law relating to BIM

Who Should Attend?

Those who should attend are any people involved or wanting to become involved in projects that have a strong focus on the use of BIM.

This course is tailored to suit all needs and is very interactive.

Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Sub Contractors and those working on BIM related projects are all encouraged to attend.

Trainer’s Profile

Chris Wheeler

Chris is a projects lawyer whose career in the engineering and building sectors has spanned the full project lifecycle from negotiation of complex contracts, mind-project advice to disputes in many jurisdictions.

Chris' projects-related expertise spans the full life cycle of projects from procurement and contract negotiation and risk analysis to mid-project advice to post-project disputes.

Chris has spent the last six years prior to recently joining DWF in a senior in-house role at a global engineering firm. He developed deep experience across many sectors including Water, Rail, Multi-use Development, PPP infrastructure, Energy, Airports, Technology Hubs, and Environmental. Chris oversaw litigation in over a dozen countries and has advocated in mediations, adjudications and arbitrations on many files.

Chris is hoping to parlay his broad in-house exposure to projects in some 40 countries, M & A transactions, Irish leases, Employment law, Data Privacy and Corporate governance into cross-selling opportunities across the DWF offerings and offices.


  • Billy Sheill, Murphy Process Engineering: " Great overview around BIM technology and the benefits and difficulties with incorporation into diverse contract types."
  • “Excellent”

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email