Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment for Engineers


1-day course

CPD Credit: 7 hours, C1

Course Aim

Wastewater treatment and handling of the sludges produced is part of the circular economy with the biosolids produced, being applied back to agricultural land, composted, or used in AD.  Plant design, build and operation is built upon the foundations of standardised approaches to measuring and quantifying the nature of wastewater and reducing pollutant concentrations in a stepwise fashion from preliminary through to advanced wastewater techniques.  By understanding key terms and the stages of treatment, the value of conversations between engineers and the resulting outputs are enhanced.

Course Objectives

After the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand and apply the key concepts of population equivalence, flow and load to any wastewater.
  • Recognise the steps required to reduce pollutant concentrations and the role of each wastewater treatment stage.
  • Licensing of discharges from WWTP’s.
  • Understand the principles of thickening, anaerobically digesting and dewatering sludges produced from wastewater treatment.

Course Programme

  • A brief history of treatment and a look to future drivers
  • Terminology & tests used in the water industry (including Population Equivalence)
  • Flows – measurement and understanding common language (dry weather flow, flow to full treatment)
  • Preliminary & primary treatment – (Screens, grit removal, primary sedimentation)
  • Secondary biological treatment – (an introduction to attached and suspended growth systems, Mixed Media Bio-Reactors (MMBR) and Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR)
  • Advanced wastewater treatment - (filtration, removing phosphorus, nitrogen, and other compounds of interest)
  • Handling the byproducts of wastewater treatment – thickening, dewatering of sludges and an introduction to anaerobic digestion

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at engineers with an interest in or new to wastewater treatment.  The course will focus on the principles of treatment and design from the point wastewater arrives at the treatment plant to the point that the final effluent is discharged.

Trainer’s Profile

Trevor Montgomery is a Director & EHS Consultant working for Montgomery EHS Ltd with over 25 years specialising in Wastewater and Odour / VOC Treatment.  Trevor has completed third level courses in Dundalk IT, Sligo IT, UCC and UCD.   Trevor has developed a range of biological scrubbers for Odour and VOC’s from a variety of Industries from Animal Slaughtering, Seaweed extraction, Fish Processing, Dairy Industry, etc.  Trevor is employed by a number of companies as a retained consultancy for the design of wastewater treatment and odour management.  Trevor has worked with an extensive list of companies such as Thermo Fisher, Bio-Marine Ingredients, College Group, Mega Group, Carton Bros, Aurivo Ingredients, Glanbia, Silver Hill Duck, Arrabawn, Tipperary Cooperative, Hydro International, Leprino Foods to name a few. Based in Limerick, Trevor has served on policy committees for local government and lectured at various universities.  Trevor has delivered over 1000 training days on these topics (1 training day is when 1 person attends 1 course for 1 day).

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Engineers Ireland supports the Sustainable Development Goals. This event contributes to Engineers Ireland's Sustainability Framework.

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