Introduction to 3D Concrete Printing


1-day course

CPD Credit: 8 hours, C1

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to provide learners with the fundamentals of 3D concrete printing including the equipment, the processes, the materials, the opportunities, and limitations of the printer.

Learning Objectives

After completing this programme, the participant should have received a basic grounding in:

  • 3D Concrete Printing in 3D Concrete Printing
  • An awareness of the importance of materials in the process,
  • Enhanced knowledge on the Printing Process
  • Awareness of the current applications of the technology globally and the business case and potential for its application in Ireland
  • During this hands on class participants will learn about:
  • Industry 4.0 Skillnet
  • History of 3D Concrete Printing
  • Science behind the principles of 3D Concrete Printing
  • Equipment required for 3D Concrete Printing
  • The Materials used in 3D Concrete Printing
  • Preparation for the Print (including software)
  • The Process of the Print
  • Future of 3D Concrete Printing
  • VR Experience
  • Delivery Mode

Trainer's Profile

Mark McGowan

Mark has over 23 years’ experience as a cabinet maker in the Wood Technology sector and has extensive knowledge of Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) milling/manufacturing processes. Mark returned to education and spent 5 years in total between Southwest College, Enniskillen and the Institute of Technology, Sligo. He achieved a BSc in Advanced Wood Technology and sustainable construction followed by a B.A. (Hons) in Industrial Design. Mark has been involved in the 3D technology world since 1999 and 3D printing since 2013. Mark is now working on 3D concrete printing research and development within Future Cast.

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