Introduction to Hydraulic Network Modelling and SynerGi Water


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C1 / C2

Course Aim

This course aims to provide delegates with a detailed understanding of the hydraulic principles used in water network modelling, how they are applied and interpreted, the benefits and limitations of models and how to become a modelling operator.

Course Overview

Understanding the hydraulic performance of your water network infrastructure forms the cornerstone of asset management.It ensures water authorities are providing customers with the highest levels of service, whilst helping optimise their capital investment programmes for minimum cost and maximum benefit.A network model provides an accurate tool which can be used to understand the hydraulics of an existing water system, how proposed network changes will impact the customer and also trial multiple designs for network improvement.Network modelling has become the basis for all important engineering decisions in the industry and has an important role in shaping the future of asset management.

The course covers the scientific principles behind network models, including an introduction to hydraulics, before exploring how models are formed and how their simulations operate.By the end of the course, delegates should be able to run a model simulation, extract and interpret the simulation results, with an understanding of the models’ capabilities and limitations.Delegates will be able to make simple operational changes in the model and measure their impact on customers.

Whilst the principles taught in this course can be applied across a wide range of network modelling software products, the SynerGi software package will be used during the course to provide hands-on modelling experience.

Course Objectives

After the course, the participants delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the hydraulics of a water network.
  • Know what mechanisms hydraulic models use to simulate water systems.
  • Run modelling simulations using existing models.
  • Use the model to display key engineering information and interpret modelling results.
  • Modify network model features to assess the impact of various schemes.

Course Programme

Understanding hydraulics and modelling terminology

Introduction to modelling, model management, user interface & navigation

Customers & demand, demand allocation & demand modelling

Configuring a simulation, model calculations & loading model results

Model controls - making operational system changes

Who Should Attend?

This one-day training course provides an introduction to network modelling and is suitable for individuals either looking to become water modellers, or those looking to better understand modelling outputs from a management perspective.

Trainer’s Profile

Richard Barnes BEng IpDip

Senior Engineer, HydroCo

Richard comes from a Mechanical Engineering background having read a degree in Engineering Design and Materials at the University of Portsmouth.He had a years’ experience as a design engineer for a renowned metrology company, before starting his career within the water industry at HydroCo.Richard has since achieved over 15 years’ service for the water industry and in his current role of Senior Engineer, runs a small project team which serves a variety of core clients.He has been involved in a breadth of projects, from building network models throughout the UK, through to more advanced asset management studies and is fully conversant in both InfoWorks WS and Synergi software packages.He is regarded as an expert in hydraulic modelling and a real innovator within his field, often playing technical lead to many of the more challenging projects in our companies’ portfolio.Richard is well known within the UK water modelling industry through his exploits within the CwMAG organisation, running their website and membership system since the groups conception.


  • Luis Seminario, Irish Water: “Despite being a one-day course, it has been one of the best hydraulic modelling courses I have ever attended. A great combination of technical background, software characteristics, and industry leading solutions.”
  • “Very well delivered and engaging course. Presentation standard was very good.”
  • “Excellent introduction to network modelling.”

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