Engineering National Development Series

Project Ireland 2040 is the Government’s long-term overarching strategy to make Ireland a better country for all, and to build a more resilient and sustainable future. The strategy will guide national, regional and local planning and investment decisions in Ireland over the next two decades and is designed to cater for an expected population increase of over 1 million people in Ireland. Furthermore, it will ensure the alignment of investment plans with the stated National Strategic Outcomes for 2040 to support business and communities across Ireland in realising their potential.

With a growing population and associated increased demand for jobs, new homes, cultural and social amenities, enhanced regional connectivity and improved environmental sustainability, Ireland requires innovative engineering solutions to tackle these challenges. 

This year’s Engineers Ireland West Region’s CPD series marks the recent publication of Ireland's latest National Development Plan, and aims to showcase and promote new ideas for engineering practice across all sectors aligned with the Project Ireland 2040 strategy. Our Region’s ‘Engineering National Development’ CPD series will deliver a mix of in-person and online events under the themes of the National Strategic Outcomes: 

  • Compact Growth 
  • Enhanced Regional Accessibility 
  • Strengthened Rural Economies and Communities  
  • Sustainable Mobility  
  • A Strong Economy, supported by Enterprise, Innovation and Skills  
  • High-Quality International Connectivity  
  • Enhanced Amenity and Heritage  
  • Transition to a Climate-Neutral and Climate Resilient Society  
  • Sustainable Management of Water and other Environmental Resources  
  • Access to Quality Childcare, Education and Health Services

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