Introduction to the Cycle Design Manual

Series Overview

The Cycle Design Manual (CDM) has been prepared by the National Transport Authority (NTA) and overseen by the Department of Transport. It replaces the previous National Cycle Manual, published by the NTA in 2011, which is now withdrawn.

The CDM draws on the experience of delivering cycling infrastructure across Ireland over the last decade, as well as learning from international best practice, and has been guided by the need to deliver safe cycle facilities for people of all ages and abilities.

The new manual places more emphasis on the range of cycles that cycle infrastructure will have to accommodate and the recommendations focus on segregating cyclists from traffic where speeds and volumes make roads unsuitable for sharing.  There is also a general presumption towards segregating pedestrians and cyclists where possible.

The CDM includes a number of new types of infrastructure such as protected junctions, Dutch style cycle-friendly roundabouts, and parallel crossings which are commonly used in other countries, and will now become an option for cycle infrastructure in Ireland. It should be noted that some newer features will require amendments to supporting Regulations and the Traffic Sign Manual so designers should consult with the relevant approving authority prior to installing any of the newer features to ensure applicability of designs/solutions.

It is intended that manual will be a live document which will be updated and expanded as required to reflect emerging best practice and feedback from user experience of the manual. For this reason, the latest version of the guidance should always be accessed through the NTA website.


Part 1 - Introduction & Cycle Links: 11:30 – 1300, Thursday 12 October

Chair: Finola O'Driscoll, NTA

  • Introduction and legislative changes | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Main requirements and design principles | Noel Fennelly, NTA
  • Cycle links | Philip Lee, ROD – CSEA
  • Geometric requirements | Joe Seymour, NTA

Part 2 - Junctions & Crossings: 11:30 – 13:00, Thursday, 19 October

Chair: Paul McGartoll, NTA

  • Priority junctions | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Signal-controlled junctions | Noel Fennelly, NTA
  • Roundabouts | Philip Lee, ROD – CSEA
  • Crossings | Philip Lee, ROD – CSEA

Part 3 - Implementation, Maintenance & SuDS: 11:30 – 13:00, Thursday, 26 October

Chair: Anthony Morrow, NTA

  • Implementation & Maintenance | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Cycle Parking | Finola O'Driscoll, NTA
  • Legislative changes | Marty Boran, AECOM
  • SuDS Advice Note for Active Travel Schemes | Michael Dunne, ROD – CSEA

Speaker profiles

Joe Seymour is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of Engineers Ireland  and Fellow of the CIHT.  Joe has over 25 years’ experience as a Transportation Professional, which  has been gained in both the public and private sector and has particular expertise in Traffic Engineering, having been responsible for the design of sustainable transport projects and urban improvement schemes in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  He is currently Head of Active Travel Investment with the National Transportation Authority in Ireland.

Noel Fennelly, Programme Manager, Active Travel Investment, National Transport Authority, is an experienced civil engineer and transportation professional with over 16 years’ post graduate experience in the delivery of transport projects in Ireland. He has a keen interest in sustainable transport and climate mitigation and adaption measures. Noel is currently working as a Programme Manager in the Active Travel Investment Section of the NTA, overseeing a large portfolio of Active Travel projects in the Greater Dublin Area including a number of significant pathfinder projects. He was one of the lead authors of the Cycle Design Manual and project managed the final stages of producing and publishing the manual. He was also lead author of the recently issued DMURS Advice Note on Priority Junction Tightening Measures and is a current member of the Department of Transport’s National Guidelines and Standards Oversight and Co-ordination Group. 

Philip Lee is a Chartered Engineer with 23 years of post-graduate experience in the planning, design, and management of transportation projects. He is a Senior Scheme Designer in the NTA Active Travel Support Office (ATSO).

Michael Dunne is a civil engineer and a member of Engineers Ireland with 25 years post-graduate experience in the planning, design, and management of civil engineering and transportation projects. He is a Senior Scheme Designer in the NTA Active Travel Support Office.


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