Verifying your qualifications

Engineers Ireland is a qualification-based membership organisation that needs to confirm you completed your qualification before you can be considered for full membership (“MIEI” stands for Member of Institution of Engineers Ireland) by our Membership Qualification Board (MQB)

Responding to COVID-19 we’ve taken measures to verify qualifications online in simple secure steps. 

There are now three ways you can verify your qualifications.

Option 1: DIGTARY – “Digital Notary”

If you studied in any of the colleges below, Engineers Ireland is now a verified “Receiving Organisation” and an individual can share their qualification directly from their Digitary account. Your institution provides you a single sign-on via your student email by following the link below.

Higher Education Institution

Dublin City University 

TU Dublin Blanchardstown 

TU Dublin Tallaght 

Limerick IT 

MTU Kerry (formerly IT Tralee) 

IT Carlow 

Dundalk IT 

Letterkenny IT 

IT Sligo 

Athlone IT

Open this link:

Select your “European Diploma Supplement” and share it with receiving organisation Engineers Ireland.

Sometimes the “European Diploma Supplement” isn’t available, in that instance share your final year results where it clearly shows that an award has been made. 

Option 2: Email Verification

If your institution is located in Ireland and prefers to verify via a dedicated email address, then email them using a template:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to verify my qualification to gain full membership with Engineers Ireland. Can you please email verification that I completed X Award (please include discipline and year awarded) to at your earliest convenience? My old student number was x and my date of birth was xx/xx/xx if that helps you find me quicker on your records.

Higher Education Institution                        

Email address

Trinity College Dublin

TU Dublin City Campus

NUI Galway

Galway Mayo IT

University of Limerick

University College Cork

MTU Cork (Formerly CIT)

IT Carlow  

Maynooth University

Queens University Belfast

Ulster University

Waterford IT

University College Dublin

UCD uses a special process outlined in this link:   

Once enabled for sharing, email “Student ID” and “Document ID” to

 If your institution is located outside Ireland, please complete this form, send it to your institution for verification and ask them to return it directly to

Option 3: Scan of Hard Copy Verification

For some candidates, the first two options might not be offered by the institutions that they studied in. We also have a third option, where you can scan a hard copy of your verified qualifications. These are the two options available to you in that instance:

  • You can email a scanned copy of your parchment/transcript/letter to a member of Engineers Ireland who can verify your qualification via email by stating their name and membership number.


  • If you are resident in Ireland, a Public Notary or a Garda may sign a copy having viewed the original stating that it is “a true copy of the original”. You can search for a Public Notary here and for your local Garda Station here.