Policy values

Engineers Ireland is committed to having the voice of the engineer heard in the public policy discourse, providing leadership on engineering issues well as sustainability, wellbeing and innovation more broadly. We engage extensively with our membership to develop policy positions and we support our campaigns with research and evidence.

This policy work is a core component of our strategic objective to build the profile and enhance the status and reputation of the engineering profession. The Engineers Ireland Code of Ethics applies to all members of the organisation and covers: relations with colleagues, clients, employers and society in general; environmental and social obligations; and maintenance and development of professional conduct and standards.

Based on the provisions of the Code of Ethics and our strategic objectives, a set of five core policy values have been adopted; these values underpin each of our policy positions. These policy values were approved by the Council of Engineers Ireland on 10th June 2017

Community and the common good

Advancing the safety, health and well-being of the public


Promoting the principles and practices of sustainable development


Leading rapid and transformational developments in digital and other technologies

Excellence in engineering

Promoting knowledge and skills, professional standards, diversity, and public confidence in the engineering profession


Acting with integrity, objectivity, evidence, authority, and transparency as an organisation

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To have your say on Engineers Ireland policy, contact Keelan Keogh, Policy Officer.