Benevolent fund

The Engineers Ireland Benevolent Fund provides much needed financial assistance to engineers in need and their families.

What is the Benevolent Fund?

The Benevolent Fund, founded originally in 1969 provides assistance to engineers in need and their families.

The fund is administered by the Benevolent Fund committee which consists of a combination of employed and retired engineers, who meet regularly to administer the fund.

The Benevolent Fund is a registered Charity and operates under strict rules and principles.

The Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Engineers in Ireland is a registered charity (No. 20019266) with its principal office at 22 Clyde Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Who may apply to the fund for a grant or assistance?

Elderly retired members of Engineers Ireland.

Widowed partners or dependents of current or former members.

Members of Engineers Ireland or their immediate relatives suffering illnesses and in need of financial assistance.

Individuals in need of general financial support if they cannot support themselves.

In the case of all of the above individuals, cases for granting assistance is in exceptional circumstances and if deemed by the Benevolent Fund committee to be deserving of such assistance.  

Examples of reasons for application to Benevolent Fund

Families or individuals struck by tragedy or serious illness or employment difficulties resulting in financial crisis.

How do I make an application for assistance?

Completed and signed application forms preferably emailed to

Or else posted to:

The Committee Of Engineers Ireland Benevolent Fund
FAO: Benevolent Fund Administrator
22 Clyde Road
Dublin 4
D04 R3N2

**It is important that all of the information requested is provided and accurately stated.

Will my application be treated as confidential?

Yes, all applications are treated as strictly confidential.  If assistance is recommended, client reference numbers rather than client names would be used and all information relating to applications are kept in locked confidential files.

(If you are making an application and feel that there might be a conflict of interest or personal reason for not having your application assessed by any member of the committee please enclose an appropriate letter to the chairman with your application for assistance and we will ensure your situation is assessed taking into account your concerns.)

What is the decision making process?

Once a completed application form is returned, it will be passed to the committee for consideration.

Normally a member of the committee will be assigned to meet with either the applicant or potential beneficiary, then with another committee member make a recommendation to the Benevolent Fund committee on whether or not assistance is considered appropriate etc.

Then, if assistance is offered; it would be on a monthly, quarterly or lump sum basis depending on the particular circumstances and needs of the applicant.

An annual review of each client receiving assistance is carried out to ensure that continuing assistance to them is appropriate.

The officers of the fund are:

  • John Coleman - Chairman

  • John Higgins – Past Chairman/Treasurer

  • John Coleman

  • John Jordan

  • Don McEntee

  • George McMahon

  • John Power

  • Dawn Roberts

  • Pat Roche

How the Benevolent Fund is funded

The Benevolent Fund is supported by a variety of sources such as, donations, bequests, fundraising events and Engineers Ireland members’ subscriptions.

How can I contribute?

Donate by bank transfer

Please include donor’s name or membership number in the bank reference example, From J Doe 123456.

Donations can be made to this bank account:

Bank Name: AIB
Bank Address: 7-12 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Account Name: The Institution of Engineers of Ireland Benevolent Fund
Account No: 87150547
Sort Code: 93-20-86
IBAN: IE12 AIBK 9320 8687 1505 47
BIC/Swift Code: AIBKIE2D

Contact Us
Benevolent Fund Administrator (01) 665 1316