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The Project Management society is a special interest group for engineers involved in project management in a range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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How to be effective at delegation

Many managers I work with have challenges when it comes to delegation, writes executive coach James Sweetman but, for most of them, the real issue is relinquishing control. 

What makes a good manager

Managers, especially middle managers have had it tough in recent years. In seeking to flatten the organisational hierarchy, and reduce costs, many companies have sought to remove the middle management layer. Those that remain feel pressure from below, from staff with big expectations, and from above, from senior managers who want them to be leaders. So what makes a good manager, asks James Sweetman.

Wedded to our tools: Why expertise can hold us back – Part II

Sean Brady concludes this two-part article with a warning to engineers not to become over-reliant on their ‘tools’, but to consider how and when to apply them.

Implicit assumptions: The expert’s Achilles heel

In this intriguing tale of the Getty kouros, Sean Brady explores the role that implicit assumptions play in undermining experts’ judgment.

Herding cats: An engineer’s guide to stakeholder management

How would you like to visit a massive sewer? It was not the best invitation I'd had that day or even that week, despite Covid restrictions. My husband, bless him, is an engineer through and through. As a scientist myself, we both share an innate curiosity. So, curiosity aroused, I took him up on the offer to do a site visit to the Blackfriars site of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. It was a revelation, writes Trish Thurley.

Refurbishment projects within the power generation industry Part 2 – blending agile and traditional project management

In Part 2 of this article Áine Greene outlines a summary of the secondary data collated through a literature review. The conclusions from an analysis of the primary data are then presented with recommendations for future work.


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