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The Project Management society is a special interest group for engineers involved in project management in a range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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Promoting a project management culture in a local authority context

Introduction The acute need for a project management approach within Limerick City and County Council arose from the introduction of a matrix organisational structure in April 2016 following the merger of the two local authorities in 2014. A new operating model was introduced separating strategic and operational functions to create greater focus and efficiency, given the diminishing resources in local government. The approach creates greater agility in Limerick City and County ...

Project management failure: The 1976 Montreal Olympics

Based on a recently published case study in ASCE’s 'Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities'(1), Sean Brady highlights the systemic management failings that resulted in huge financial cost and significant reputational damage to a high-profile project. In 1970, Montreal was awarded the 1976 Olympics, beating bids from Moscow and Los Angeles. World politics had been in Montreal’s favour – there were concerns that giving the games to Moscow or Los Angeles would inflame Cold War ...

Why do most change initiatives fail?

It was more than 2,500 years ago that the Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated that "there is nothing permanent except change". In recent years, change management has become ubiquitous in business parlance. It appears on job descriptions and is listed as an espoused competency in most organisations. Yet why is it, that if statistics are to be believed, that most change initiatives end in failure? Companies are getting a first class honours degree in project failure, with 70 per cent the ...

What modern leadership is all about

Unless you are a Third World dictator, eastern European strong man or Donald Trump, the old command and control style of leadership is in its death throes. A more educated, globally connected workforce doesn’t respond well to barked instructions. There is a shift away from the old heroic view of leadership, in which a ‘gifted’ individual sets a vision for the company (or indeed country,) preaches this vision, then motivates his followers to execute it. In today’s complex business ...

How to use dynamic leadership to improve team performance

How many of us can say with any degree of honesty that we worked at our optimum level of performance today? At a recent workshop for Engineers Ireland, I put that very question to the audience and, unsurprisingly, only one person raised their hand. All other attendees, by their own admission, did not achieve the level of performance that they know that they are capable of and this is not unusual. Self-awareness and responsibility are key Remarkably, this applies equally to ...

Project management and why early robust stakeholder engagement is a necessity

Why communicate? The public is today having a far greater influence on project development than ever before. This is evidenced by the increasing number of judicial reviews of planning decisions and the number of expert commissions set up to review projects. The reality is that early, ongoing and inclusive stakeholder engagement from the earliest stages of the project is no longer a choice but a necessity to ensure the development of future large-scale infrastructure in Ireland, ...

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