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Engineers Ireland's web platform offers a huge array of resources for both members and non members, such as CPD courses and webinar recordings. It allows members access the Engineers Journal, apply for Professional Titles, record CPD hours, personalise their dashboard, and download invoices and certificates. 

Below you will find information on the most popular sections used by our members.

Membership Dashboard

All members have their own dashboard which can be accessed via the login button at the top right of the website. Here members can: 

  • Set Preferences for email communications and event interests
  • Apply for a Registered Professional Title 
  • Pay subscription fees
  • Download invoices, membership card and certificates
  • Log CPD hours
  • Add an event to personal calendar
  • Read saved Engineers Journal articles
  • Book a course
  • Watch an eLearning webinar
  • Access EBSCO 
  • Upload a CV
  • Join a Panel 
  • Find a Job 

Access your Membership Dashboard here

Search Functionality

Basic Search

The Search button can be found at the top right of the website. The icon is a magnifying glass. Within this function members can look for everything on the website. 

Simply type in your keyword or phrase and a number of various results will pop up. 

The results will show all pages, documents, events, courses and articles containing the word or phrase.

You can specify if it is an Event, News & Insights, Video & Audio or a Document.



Advanced Search

Within the Advanced Search, users can look for something specific on the website, for example an eLearning course, event, article or podcast episode.

First, click the Search icon on the top of the page. Type in your keyword or phrase and filter via Events only, News & Insights, Video & Audio and Documents. 

Once in here, you can then drill down more specifically and filter via Type, Channels, Discipline, Societies, Divisions, Regions, Location and Date. 



Professionals, Businesses, Students and Schools

navigation verticals

  • Professionals: This is the main section of the website and caters to members, potential members and members who wish to obtain a Registered Professional Title. Here users can register for a course, attend an event, join a community or group, stay up to date on all the latest news, watch Engineers TV and read News & Insights. 
  • Businesses: This section caters to companies and business who seek training for their employees, want to become a Corporate Partner or a Registered Recruiter and advertise open positions on Engineers Ireland Jobs Desk. Here users will also find information on membership support, venue hire and our various policy briefs and submissions.  

  • Students: This section is for Student members who have just started out on their Engineering career journey and Graduate members who have completed their fulltime education. Here you will find Resources, Career information, Events, News & Insights and how to make the most of your membership.
  • SchoolsThe Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme is a non-profit outreach programme that promotes interest in engineering as a future career to students in all communities through a portfolio of projects. Here, you will find information on Engineers Week, Young Engineers Award, Engineering Your Future and Guides Engineering Badges. 

Other popular sections used by members and non members

  • Find a Member - Members can search to ‘find a member’ by using a members name 
  • Find a Job - Access our Jobs Desk and the latest available roles within the industry
  • Site Map - use Ctrl + F to search for a specific keyword or phrase 
  • Website FAQs - where you will find answers to a whole host of questions related to Membership, CPD, Engineering Career, Accreditation, Ethics & Disciplinary, Campaigns & Policies and Other
  • Website Footer - located at end of website
  • Chatbot / Wayfinder - found at the bottom right of the website