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About Engineers Week

Engineers Week promotes engineering and the importance of the profession in Ireland.

In 2019, there were over 850 activities organised in the community and we need you to organise an activity and make Engineers Week 2020 even better! The aim of each event is to positively showcase engineering as a rewarding and creative career choice in all communities.

The aims of the week include:

1. Encouraging young people, their teachers and parents to explore the fun world of Engineering.
2. Generating interest and enthusiasm for Engineering in their everyday lives.
3. Inspiring young people to explore Engineering career paths.
4. Highlighting the diverse opportunities Engineering offers.

Who should get involved?

Everyone! Engineers, organisations, colleges, libraries, families, teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators, and local authorities. Become a role model, highlight your engineering achievements, deliver hands-on engineering activities and demonstrate the role of engineering in your local community.

Anyone can organise an event or activity and the Engineers Ireland STEPS team will empower and support you with your planning.

Who coordinates the week?

The Engineers Ireland’s STEPS team coordinates Engineers Week. 


STEPS programme is partially funded under Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover programme Call and supported by the Department of Education and Skills along with a number of major engineering organisations - ESB, TII, ARUP and Intel Ireland. Bentley Systems support the Young Engineers Award.

Contact the STEPS team
Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340