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About Engineers Week

STEPS Engineers Week, run by the Engineers Ireland STEPS programme, promotes engineering to children in Ireland. STEPS Engineers Week 2022 takes place from Saturday, 5 - Friday, 11 March.

During STEPS Engineers Week, engineering is celebrated across Ireland, with primary and secondary children the target audience. The main aim of the week is to promote engineering - and to show the importance of the profession - to children in Ireland.

The Engineers Ireland STEPS programme, which promotes engineering and the importance of the profession to children in Ireland, is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and industry leaders ARUP, EPA, ESB, Intel and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). 

How is STEPS Engineers Week Celebrated?

Anyone who wishes to promote the importance of engineering to primary and secondary school children can take part. This includes engineers, organisations, colleges, libraries, families, teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators, and local authorities. Become a role model, highlight your engineering achievements, deliver hands-on engineering activities, and demonstrate the role of engineering in your local community.

STEPS Engineers Week-themed lessons are taught in primary and secondary school classrooms across the country to help children discover the exciting world of engineering in Ireland. Teachers and schools can access free engineering resources provided by the STEPS team, or create their own engineering themed activities.

How does STEPS support my STEPS Engineers Week Activities?

STEPS aims to:

STEPS supports teachers and organisers by:

  1. Providing teachers with engineering themed activities that they can carry out independently in the classroom.
  2. Providing engineering organisations with guides, tools, and training videos on how to adopt a local school for an in-school, in-organisation, or online digital visit.
  3. Providing organisers such as libraries and STEM educators with hands on engineering activities to carry out with young people.

How organisers can support STEPS:

  • Carry out an engineering themed activity with children during STEPS Engineers Week.
  • Share photos, videos and updates of your plans, your engineering activities in progress, and photos and highlights of your activities. Share via social media posts, newsletters, press releases to local news outlets etc using STEPS Engineers Week branding, our special hashtag #STEPSEngineersWeek, and tagging Engineers Ireland social media accounts.
  • Encourage evaluation and improvement of the week using the STEPS Engineers Week surveys, and providing feedback on your experience as an organiser
Engineers Week
Sponsorship Opportunities
Be part of Ireland’s biggest celebration of engineering in the community. Please contact Roseanne O’Leary, STEPS Team Leader on 01 6651340 or via email below to find out more.
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Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340