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About Engineers Week

STEPS Engineers Week promotes engineering and the importance of the profession to children in Ireland.

STEPS Engineers Week 2021 marked Ireland’s largest celebration of engineering in the community with over 108,000 participants taking part nationwide.

The Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme is a non-profit outreach programme that promotes interest and awareness in engineering as a future career to school students in the Republic of Ireland through a portfolio of projects.

What is the aim of STEPS Engineers Week?

The aim of each activity is to positively showcase engineering as a rewarding and creative career choice to children in all communities.

The aims of the week include:

  1. Encouraging young people, their teachers and parents to explore the fun world of Engineering.
  2. Generating interest and enthusiasm for Engineering in their everyday lives.
  3. Inspiring young people to explore Engineering career paths.
  4. Highlighting the diverse opportunities Engineering offers.

When is STEPS Engineers Week?

STEPS Engineers Week 2022 takes place from Saturday, 5 - Friday, 11 March.


Engineers Week
Sponsorship Opportunities
Be part of Ireland’s biggest celebration of engineering in the community. Please contact Roseanne O’Leary, STEPS Team Leader on 01 6651340 or via email below to find out more.
Contact the STEPS team
Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340