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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get involved?

Everyone! Engineers, organisations, colleges, libraries, families, teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators, and local authorities.

Become a role model, highlight your engineering achievements, deliver hands-on engineering activities and demonstrate the role of engineering in your local community. 

I want to carry out an activity that is not listed on the website. Is that ok?

Of course! The activities listed on the website are only suggestions, and you can plan and carry out any activity as long it:

I carried out an activity for STEPS Engineers Week 2024. Do I have to carry out a new activity for STEPS Engineers Week 2025?

Thank you for your continued involvement with STEPS Engineers Week! 

STEPS encourages you to carry out an activity for multiple years, as you have tried and tested it. If you are comfortable with the activity from a previous year, then carrying it out again for a fresh audience in 2024 is a good idea from a planning perspective.

Who is the target audience of STEPS Engineers Week?

The target audience of STEPS Engineers Week is children primarily of primary or secondary school age.

Will you include my activity in regional/local press releases?

The Engineers Ireland marketing team sends press releases to regional and local outlets. The releases contain a small selection of stand-out activities and/or events that are open to the public.

When you register your activity, you will be asked your preference to be considered for inclusion in these releases or not. You will be given the opportunity to detail your activity at this point.

Will you send STEPS Engineers Week merchandise for my activity? 

STEPS won’t be providing merchandise (pencils, t-shirts etc.) for STEPS Engineers Week 2025.

As STEPS aligns itself with Engineers Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals 2020, we are making the move to offer exclusive digital educational resources as a more sustainable alternative to merchandise.