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Secondary Schools

Register your STEPS Engineers Week 2023 activity with us by Friday, March 10th to be in with a chance to win a LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Set for your school, worth €164.99. T&Cs apply.

About STEPS Engineers Week 

STEPS Engineers Week, run by the Engineers Ireland STEPS programme, gives children the opportunity to discover engineering, facilitated by their teachers, parents and local community. STEPS Engineers Week 2023 will take place from Saturday, 4 - Friday, 10 March 2023.

During STEPS Engineers Week-themed lessons are taught in primary and secondary school classrooms across the country to help children discover the exciting world of engineering in Ireland. Teachers and schools can access free engineering resources provided by the STEPS team, or create their own engineering themed activities.

STEPS is here to support you in planning your secondary school Engineers Week activity. This page contains all the information that you need to get involved with STEPS Engineers Week 2023.

How does STEPS support my STEPS Engineers Week Activities?

How teachers can support STEPS:

  • Carry out an engineering themed activity with your students during STEPS Engineers Week.
  • Share photos, videos and updates of your plans, your engineering activities in progress, and photos and highlights of your activities. 
  • Encourage evaluation and improvement of the week using the STEPS Engineers Week surveys, and providing feedback on your experience as a teacher. 

Plan your Activity

STEPS Engineers Week activities should show off what engineering is to young people. This is the only requirement from STEPS – otherwise the sky is the limit!

Do you need any activity idea? STEPS has collated a list of activities suitable for secondary school audiences that you might like to carry out. These can be found below.

If you have another engineering activity in mind, that’s great! Please do feel free to go ahead with your own activity. You can carry out the same activity each year, you are under no obligation from STEPS to come up with something new each year.

Here is a selection of suggested activities and resources that the STEPS team have gathered for secondary level.

About Engineering, for Secondary Teachers

Secondary teachers, learn about engineering and how to communicate about it with your students.

The video below will help you learn about Engineering and will provide you with suggestions on how to introduce Engineering with students at secondary level.

STEPS Engineers Week 2023 Activities and Resources

STEPS has over 20 free secondary level engineering activities available for teachers to download and carry out in classrooms. 

Click on the title of each resource to drop down the accordion below and learn more about the resource you would like to access.

On Demand Secondary School Engineering Shows

STEPS Engineers Week has secondary school engineering shows that teachers can screen for students in classrooms. Teachers can register for free for our pre-recorded fun & educational shows. Those registered will receive a link to view the show the week before STEPS Engineers Week and can stream it in your classroom between Monday, 6 - Friday 10 March 2023. The shows can be viewed on any device that normally streams videos.

Read our show descriptions below.

Explorium Engineering and Sports: Secondary School

Celebrity scientist Mark the Science Guy explores sports and engineering. 

Scientific Sue (8-14)

Come and join Scientific Sue for fun at STEPS Engineers Week! Watch Scientific Sue's prerecorded engineering show from the comfort of your home on any device that normally streams videos.

Explorium (Secondary School): Transformers and Lightning - very very Frightening!

Explore the wonders of electricity and the many inventions that power our world. Join Mark the Science Guy and Ali Knight as they investigate one of nature's most dangerous and exciting phenomenon, Lightning!

How screenings work:

External engineering activities

Click on the title of each resource to drop down the accordion and learn more about the resource.

Uisce Éireann: The Story of Water

The Story of Water - 46 minutes

The documentary focuses on the critical value of our most precious natural resource and explores the ongoing threats to its future. It seeks to educate and inform; with a range of contributions from engineers, scientists and consumers. It explores the development and current state of Ireland’s public water network, with a unique perspective on the ongoing national project to upgrade the country’s drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, and the role we all have to play in conservation.

Visit Uisce Éireann's website to access.                       
Access the YouTube playlist.            

Educational Resources

Uisce Éireann has additional resources available that are relevant to the documentary and Water education available on, including The Story of Water Activity Booklet, videos, quizzes and worksheets and more. Links to An Taisce and Scoilnet resources are also available. 

Scoilnet Educational Resources

Uisce Éireann’s educational resources are available on Scoilnet, to help students learn all about water in a fun and engaging way with videos, fun activities, and support material.  Check out the resources at Scoilnet resources.

Network Rail Online Game: Connecting the Railway

How would you build a new railway to join the residents of the town to a city? Your task is to choose the best route through all the obstacles, thinking about how your choice will affect the company, environment and community.

Play the new online game here!

Peter's Problem 2023

In 2012 the IMTA Council decided to inaugurate a special competition for Transition Year pupils. Dedicated to the memory of the late Peter Tiernan and the many years of devoted work which he had given to the Association the competition was designed to be based on problem-solving and was named as Peter’s Problem.

One of the aims of the competition is to have a ‘real-life’ problem which connects with a typical engineering problem. It is also designed so that computer resources may be used in its solution, including use of the Internet to access data required for the problem. The problem is set at the level of Ordinary Junior Cycle.

Peter's Problem is open to individual students under the direction of their teacher. Completed entries must be submitted by the end of STEPS Engineers Week. 

Email or visit the Peters Problem website for further details.

Microsoft Dream Space and The Garage

Friday March 10th from 12-2pm. Live online free session for primary school students, 8-12yrs. Devices Required.

Through an immersive, alternative teaching and learning experience, Dream Space at Microsoft Ireland will inspire students and teachers to see technology in exciting new ways, helping them to realise the full potential of what they can achieve.

Join the Dream Space and the Garage team as they host a panel with some of our Microsoft engineers who will set some challenges for everyone to complete in the classroom.

Book now

Role Models in pSTEM: You can be what you can see

The ‘Role Models in pSTEM: You can be what you can see’ project was created to highlight positive role models for young women in the subjects of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

Meet Sharon McManus 

Sharon McManus is an engineer officer of Commandant rank in the Irish Defence Forces. After joining the army in 1996 and completing an army officer cadetship, she completed a BEng in NUIG in Civil Engineering. She is currently on a Masters programme in the defence forces, studying for an MA in Leadership and Management in Defence. This qualification will allow her to compete for promotion to potentially become the first Lieutenant Colonel in any of the defence force services. Her work has taken her far and wide with overseas missions to Liberia and Kosovo in 2006, Chad in 2010 and most recently to Lebanon.

Watch Sharon's Video here. For more information, visit the website.

Register and promote Your Activity
Now is the time to shout about your STEPS Engineers Week Activity and communicate your success!

Make sure to tag us and use our special hashtag #STEPSEngineersWeek and tag us:

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Registered activity organisers will receive a Digital Promotional Pack to help promote your activities. The pack includes:

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Record your Impact

As an activity organiser it is critical for you and your students to evaluate your STEPS Engineers Week experiences, so we can analyse the positive impact of all your hard work. You can do this via our online evaluation or via a printable evaluation sheet.

Please share the survey and have your students/attendees share their STEPS Engineers Week experience. Taking part in the survey lets participants know what they would like to see for future STEPS programmes. The survey is confidential and takes less than five minutes to complete.