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International Women in Engineering Day

Victoria STEPS637274864512691982To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June, Alicia from The Engineers Ireland STEPS team will be chatting with Victoria, a Structural Engineer with ARUP.   

Having lived and worked in Ireland, Canada, the US and Hong Kong, Victoria has experience working on a wide variety of projects ranging from iconic transport buildings, stadia and high-rise developments, to seismic upgrades and unique pavilions.


Watch our chat with Victoria to find out what is engineering, what a career in engineering is really like and why Victoria loves her job!

Library of videos

From our Women in Engineering series, free screenings for Engineers Week and a short animation on how cement is made, we have a whole range of videos and documentaries that will help give children an insight into the world of engineering. Scroll down to view all videos.

Women in Engineering

Four female engineers talk about their role models and influences.

Leanne Leonard

In the video, Leanne describes her educational journey so far and what working as an engineer designing building structures entails. Leanne says she loves the challenges and excitement of working in a small design enterprise, where she gets involved in every aspect of the business

Roisin Howard

Roisin Howard, engineer and athlete, tells how her interest in Maths and Physics led to a career in engineering that challenges and satisfies her drive to solve problems

Gillian Cagney

Gillian Cagney explains how her engineering journey has brought her from mastering hands-on skills to team building, management and problem solving in major projects, often in challenging wilderness environments

Clodagh Moore

In this video, Clodagh shares both her love of engineering and her love of teaching engineering: “the less I speak, the more they learn”. In this short piece, Clodagh explains how engineering opens up a wide world of creative opportunity for her students at Limerick Institute of Technology

Young Engineers Award Virtual Ceremony 2020

The STEPS Young Engineers Award competition encourages 3rd and 4th class pupils and their teachers to explore the world of engineering by developing an engineering project that would help improve their local community.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Host a free screening of the Dream Big: Engineering Our World movie during Engineers Week

ESB Education Hub

ESB Education Hub provides lesson plans and safety tips for teachers to educate and raise awareness about electricity for children.

Short animation looking at how cement is made

Cement might seem like a very simple material, a little boring even, after all it is just grey powder! Well you probably didn't realise that making cement actually requires a team of highly trained engineers.

Check out Engineers Week on RTÉ Swipe TV

Check out Engineers Week on RTÉ Swipe TV. What’s up Wednesday delved into the world of 3D printing with Engineers Ireland Roseanne O’Leary and Ben Cranks during Engineers Week 2016.

Dream Big
Register to show a screening of an Engineers Week documentary. STEPS will send you plot, audience, streaming and running information, including any educational resources that tie in with each documentary ahead of Engineers Week 2020
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