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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you need to submit to enter?

To enter the competition, we require a completed project book (for each team) to be submitted by midnight Thursday 14th December.

Teams can be in groups of up to 6 students per group

Here is the list of items to submit:

  • a completed steps project book per team
  • optional - photos or video content. Please note these will not be included in the judging material. Only the project book will be judged.

2. How to submit?

Details on how to submit are on the back page of the STEPS Project Book.

We accept postal submissions and online submissions

All submissions must have:

  1. Completed cover page on each STEPS Project Book for each team
  2. Online submission form completed

*Project Books will not be judged in cases where the above is not complete

Guidelines for Postal submissions:

Please send your completed Project Books to:

STEPS, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Packages should be posted so that they arrive on or before the deadline.

Guidelines for online submissions:

  • Scan a pdf copy of each Project Book (one per team) - you must submit only one document per team.
  • Upload the pdf Project Books where prompted on the steps app
  • Optional - upload photo or video content - ensure relevant consent forms have been completed.’

3. Guidance for teachers

3. Guidance for Teachers

At STEPS we understand that many teachers are not familiar with engineering. However, we also know that teachers would really like to do more engineering with their class. Introducing engineering to children at this young age is very important. They learn about engineering before they encounter bias or other barriers, and it creates awareness of the many options there are within engineering. In fact, in a recent survey we did we found that over 95% of teachers felt they would like to do more engineering with their class. We have listened to you! 

Our Teacher’s Getting Started Mini-series is a great place to start for new and returning teachers. It features 6 short 6 minute videos on 6 topics relevant to you!

Remember: it is the students do the work - not you!

4. STEPS volunteer engineer school visit

4. STEPS Volunteer Engineer school visit

You can sign up for a visit from a STEPS Volunteer Engineer through your online Registration Form. We cannot guarantee your school will get a visit as there are limited numbers of volunteer engineers.

To register for a visit:

  • Your class must be available to welcome a STEPS Volunteer Engineer (for 2hrs. approx.) on Presentation Week, week of 20th November
  • The visit corresponds to the 'Present Your Project' - STEP 4 in the Project Book
  • The Volunteer Engineer will listen to your class present their projects and give encouraging feedback. They will not judge the competition - a panel of Engineers Ireland judges will judge the projects in January.
  • The Volunteer Engineer will also give a brief introduction to their life as an engineer and answer any questions your class may have.
  • The teacher must always stay in the class throughout the visit for Child Protection purposes

5. Deadline

5. Deadline

Submit your project book to us before midnight Thursday 14th December.

6. Prizes and results

The winning team and runners up will be presented with a custom designed steps young engineers award trophy for the school. Each member of the team will receive a framed certificate and medal for their achievement.

Highly commended projects will receive a trophy for their school, as well as medals and certificates for each member of the team.

All students will receive a young engineer award certificate.

7. Social media

We would love to see your class in action and to see all the schools around Ireland raise the profile of engineering. We are sure that some of your students will have excellent ideas. 

Let's see what they come up with! Use our hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram #STEPSYoungEngineersAward #STEPS 

Contact the STEPS team
The very best of luck to your class. Don't forget, if you have any queries, you can contact STEPS on 016651310 or via the button below.