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Customisable Presentation
This is the presentation for you to use during your visit. There are some blank slides to fill in your story and pictures.
STEPS student visit
Social Media Template
Use this customisable template to share highlights of your visit on social media.

Resources for STEPS Young Engineers Award school visit

To download an image, just click on the poster you like and it will open in a new page. From here, you can save the photo to your device.

Engineering is Everywhere Poster - Sport and Recreation

Engineering is Everywhere - Sport and Recreation

Engineering is Everywhere Poster - Sustainability

Engineering is Everywhere – Sustainability

Engineering is Everywhere Poster - Urban Scene

Engineering is Everywhere – Urban Scene

Engineering is Everywhere - Beach Scene

Engineering is Everywhere – Beach Scene

Engineering is Everywhere - School Scene

Engineering is Everywhere – School Scene

Engineering is Everywhere - Beach Scene Examples

Engineering is Everywhere – Beach Scene examples

Engineering is Everywhere - School Scene Examples

Engineering is Everywhere – School Scene examples

Take-Home Activity for the class

This is an activity that you can send to the teacher by email before (or after) the visit in PDF form, for them to print off for the class. Before the pandemic, when the visits were explicitly in-person, the visiting STEPS Engineer would often bring some STEPS pencils or rulers to give to the class, or do an activity with them.

For the online visits we have created a more sustainable take-home token for the students. They can colour in these lovely engineering drawings and then cut, fold and glue the paper into various 3-D shapes. The 3-D shapes are a reminder to the students of the building blocks of engineering and maths, as well as a beautiful colourful momento of their STEPS school visit.

STEPS Young Engineers Award - Communication Tips

We have compiled the Top 10 Tips from our Volunteer Engineers for presenting to young students on a STEPS school visit:

STEPS Engineer Workshop – slides
The slides from the STEPS Volunteer Engineer Training Workshop are available here for you, if you would like a recap.



Volunteer policies

STEPS Equality and Diversity Statement

The Engineers Ireland STEPS programme is committed to the fair treatment of our volunteers, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, age, physical/mental disability or offending background (as long as this does not pose risk to children, young people, or vulnerable adults). We aim to encourage diversity amongst our volunteer engineers to ensure that they are representative of all sections of society and our surrounding community. We endeavour to ensure that each volunteer feels respected and valued.



What are the students working on for the STEPS Young Engineers Award?

You may wonder what the students are working on for the STEPS Young Engineers Award. 

The idea is that they come up with an engineering project that will improve their community or someone’s quality of life living in their community. 

To enter the competition they must submit a completed STEPS Project Book. This comprises of four worksheets. 

1.    Think of an idea
2.    Design it and draw it on an engineer’s drawing 
3.    Build the prototype
4.    Engineers Report (lessons learned)

Before your visit, they should have completed the four steps and have a presentation on their project ready to showcase for you. 

The Project Book is aligned with the curriculum for 3rd and 4th class. They will learn about some engineering principles like properties of materials and caring for the environment. They are encouraged to incorporate Maths even in a limited way, like including dimensions. 

Have a look through the STEPS Project Book, if you wish, before your visit!

STEPS Project Book
If you would like to have a look through the Project Book before your visit, you can download it below.

STEPS Young Engineers Award Marking Scheme

Follow the marking scheme for STEPS Young Engineers Award.

Contact the STEPS team
Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340 or send us an email via the below