Customer Service Charter

Engineers Ireland is committed to continuous improvement. Our customer charter and complaints procedure includes clear standards, so that you know what you can expect from us.

Our customer service standards

Contact standards

We will

  • be polite and friendly
  • communicate in an honest and clear way.

Our face to face standards

We will

  • attend to you promptly at our office where an appointment has been agreed in advance.

Our telephone standards

We will

  • answer the phone promptly, stating our name
  • transfer you no more than once when handling a call coming through from reception. If this is not possible we will take your name and full contact details and revert back to you with the information you required.
  • respond within 2 working days to voicemails.

Our written standards

We will

  • acknowledge all written correspondence requiring a response, including emails, within 3 working days
  • provide a response, including contact details, to all written correspondence, where required, within 10 working days.

If you have a complaint about our service

While we will always strive to do our best, we recognise that there will be occasions where we fail, in spite of our best efforts. We welcome complaints as they allow us to learn and to do better. If you have a complaint please let us know in writing to marked ‘Complaint’.

We will ensure that

  • the complaint is recorded and a written acknowledgement is sent to you within 3 working days
  • a full reply is issued within 10 working days
  • the complaint is dealt with swiftly by the most appropriate person. If you feel the matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily, you will be able to pursue the complaint with the relevant Director, including our Director General.
What we do
Engineers Ireland is the professional membership body for engineers on the island of Ireland with a number of branches overseas.