Customer service charter

At Engineers Ireland, our aim is to promote engineers, engineering and the profession while responding to the changing needs of our customers.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in a highly professional, helpful and friendly manner. Engineers Ireland staff will deal with all enquiries equally and in a transparent and non-discriminatory basis. If you require any assistance to help us process your query, please advise us. We have many customers (e.g. Government, employers, colleges and schools etc.) but as a membership body we recognise the unique importance of every one of our individual members.

Our Customer Service Standards

Contact standards

We will: be polite and friendly, communicating in an open, honest and clear way.

Our face to face standards

We will: attend to you promptly at our office where an appointment has been mutually agreed in advance.

We will: ensure you can identify us through our Engineers Ireland staff member badge.

Our telephone standards

We will: answer the phone promptly, stating our name clearly.

We will: transfer you no more than once when handling a call coming through from reception. If this is not possible we will take your name and full contact details and revert back to you with the information you required.

We will: respond within 2 working days to voicemails received.

Our written standards

We will: acknowledge all written correspondence requiring a response, including e-mails, within 3 working days.

We will: provide a response, including contact details, to all written correspondence, where required, within 10 working days.

Your feedback and suggestions

We welcome all ideas and comments. Please provide your full contact details on all correspondence.

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