Partner dashboard

Welcome to the Partner dashboard. This is the area for non members, who don't have a membership with Engineers Ireland. Instead, you will have limited access to certain areas of the website, depending on what permission you have been granted by a staff member of Engineers Ireland.

Please note that this dashboard is different from a members' dashboard, whereby a member can take full advantage of all features of the website that membership offers. 

Depending on whether you've been given access as a Recruiter, Engineers Journal contributor, or a Corporate Partner, you will find below options to suit your requirements.


If you are a recruiter, see below the areas that would best suit what you are looking for.

Engineers Journal contributor

As a contributor to the Engineers Journal, you've been granted three months' access to all published articles. Read the latest news here.

Corporate Partner

If you're a Corporate Partner, this allows you exclusive association with our community, as well as a range of commercial benefits.