Cyclone machine

Wind energy, a renewable and sustainable form of energy, is something Ireland has in abundance, and engineers are working tirelessly to better harness it. The power and force of the wind is exactly what the Cyclone Machine at the Engineers Ireland stand at the National Ploughing Championships 2023 was showcasing.

In fact, attendees were encouraged to stand in the human-sized tube and try to catch a blue ball to understand how powerful it truly can be.

Engineers from across the industry are well versed in the importance of both onshore and offshore wind energy. Mechanical, Control, Software, Electrical engineers and technicians are just some of the many people working together to come up with innovative ways to harness this powerful natural resource. 

Looking to the future, even more, engineers and technicians will be needed to come up with creative ways to find and develop all different types of renewable energy.

Engineers Ireland at the Ploughing
We were delighted by the large turnout of people who attended our stall and were able to see the wonders of engineering through our ENG-E Robot delivering ice cream, the creativity in the formula student racing car, or those who caught the blue ball in our cyclone machine.