Formula racing car

Engineers Ireland was delighted to showcase Technological University Dublin’s Formula Student racing car at the National Ploughing Championships 2023. Built by third level Mechanical and Manufacturing students, the car, which previously took to the track at Silverstone, is a representation of the innovation and creativity of engineers.

Developing a car involves multiple branches of engineering - Mechanical and Manufacturing are the most obvious but Electrical, Control, Software, and Environmental engineering are all needed to ensure safety, stability, and efficiency.

External infrastructures are also necessary to ensure safety for all road users: tunnels, bridges, street lighting, and cycleways are all designed and built by engineers.

Countless hours of research, design and engineering went in to making this incredible machine and it is a testament to what engineers, even those just starting out on their career, can achieve when they work together.

Engineers Ireland at the Ploughing
We were delighted by the large turnout of people who attended our stall and were able to see the wonders of engineering through our ENG-E Robot delivering ice cream, the creativity in the formula student racing car, or those who caught the blue ball in our cyclone machine.