Advanced Pumps and Pumping Systems


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6 hours, C1

Course Overview

This course will provide initially a review of pump fundamentals. It is an advanced course that will focus on hydraulic system behaviour, pump drivers, specially electrically driven, and approaches to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the entire pump and motor driven fluid system. It will also look at pump installation, alignment, vibration analysis and hydraulic transient analysis for simple fluid systems.

Delegates will gain knowledge in understanding pumps, their installation, pump diagnostics for maintenance and the methodologies for hydraulic transient mitigation.

Course Aim

The primary objective is to give each delegate a fundamental knowledge of the principles of the pump and its system. It will focus on a systems approach to pump operation and how this impacts on performance and maintenance. The system approach will lead to analysis of typical pump failure scenarios and how these can be avoided. Hydraulic transient analysis is an important consideration in a dynamic pump system. Understanding of this phenomenon and strategies to combat it will be discussed.

The course will cover, but is not limited to:

Review of pump fundamentals

Couplings and alignment

Parallel and Series pump operation

Pump affinity laws

Systems curves for in line and branch systems

Pump selection and sizing using software tools

Pumping of non-water liquids

ATEX requirement for pump systems

Optimisation of the pump system

Vibration and Condition monitoring of pumps

Installation and operation of pumping equipment

Hydraulic transient analysis of simple fluid systems

Pump start and stop and valve closure impact on hydraulic transients

Strategies to reduce the hydraulic transients

Who Should Attend?

This course is focused to the needs of chemical, instrumentation, maintenance, and mechanical engineers and technicians working with pumps across the biopharma, food, water and wastewater, chemical and power generation sectors.


It would be useful to be familiar with pump systems and/or have attended Introduction to Pumps & Pumping Technology, Intermediate Pumps, or similar courses. Delegates should also be comfortable with some calculator use.

Trainer's Profile

Ger Nagle

Gerard Nagle has previously worked for Emerson Process Management with extensive experience with Fisher control valves. He also has extensive experience with Farris pressure relief valves. Currently, Gerard is a lecturer in TU Dublin in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He lectures modules on Fluid Mechanics and Unit Operations. Gerard has a M.Sc. in Process Systems Engineering from Cranfield University.


"Excellent course”

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