Fundamentals of Piled Foundations


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6.5 hours, C1 / C2

Course Aim

This course aims to provide candidates with an overview of piled foundations and the geotechnical methods used for design. The course will focus on design calculations with simple examples.

Course Overview

There is an increasing demand for lower cost and sustainable pile foundations to support structures throughout the entire construction Industry and in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. This course will provide an overview of pile foundation types and introduce some of the geotechnical design methods used to size piled foundations. The course will focus on the design of axially loaded piles and will briefly discuss the design for pile lateral loading. The 1-day course will be run online via Zoom and will be instructed by Prof. David Igoe. The course will involve a number of calculation examples and is intended to be interactive, featuring a number of Zoom polls during each session. The instructors will ensure time is made available for participants to ask questions (using the raise hand feature in Zoom).

Course Objectives

After the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the different types of piled foundations and basic benefits / shortcomings of different pile concepts.
  • Understand pile axial design approaches for both displacement and non-displacement piles in sands and clays from traditional methods to state of the art.
  • Understand the basic approaches for pile lateral design approaches in sands and clays

Course Programme

  • Quick introduction to pile foundation concepts
  • Pile axial design
    • Axial pile capacity calculation example in sand
    • Axial pile capacity calculation example in clay
    • Axial pile settlement calculation example
  • Pile lateral design
  • Brief overview of different procedures for the lateral design of piles

Who should attend

Consulting engineers with an interest in piled foundations. A basic knowledge of geotechnical engineering is required.

Trainer's Profile

Prof. David Igoe CEng PhD BE MIEI

Asst. Professor, Trinity College Dublin

David is assistant professor in Geotechnical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin and former head of offshore engineering at Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG). David has over 15 years’ experience in Geotechnical Engineering, offshore engineering, foundation analysis, testing and instrumentation projects.

David completed a PhD (2009) in the topic of offshore pile behaviour in sand and has applied his knowledge of this topic to many offshore and onshore geotechnical projects. David has performed research on problems related to pile axial loading, pile lateral loading, pile ageing, cyclic loading, soil-structure dynamics, instrumentation systems, shallow pad footing, gravity base foundations and was heavily involved in the PISA (Pile Stability Analysis) joint industry research project, sponsored by the Carbon Trust Wind Accelerator Program.

David worked as head of offshore engineering at Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions managing a large range of projects, primarily focussed on pile design. David has more than 50 international peer reviewed technical publications and has expertise in pile design, offshore works, site investigation, test specifications, instrumentation design, monitoring, software development and soil-structure interaction.

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