Geotechnical Training Courses

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(1 Day)
Geotechnical Aspects of Temporary Works
This course will present the design and construction issues related to temporary access roads, crane and piling platform, temporary slopes, retaining structures, excavation, and underpinning.
(1 Day)
Earthworks and Slope Stability
This course will address earthworks and slope stability. Earthworks are a significant design and construction requirement for a wide range of engineering projects ranging from site developments for warehouse, pharmaceutical or industrial type units, to windfarms and major road or motorway schemes.
(1 Day)
Geotechnical Design to Eurocode 7
The course will present the principles behind the design of geotechnical structures to Eurocode 7 and give examples of designs of foundations, piles, retaining structures and slopes. The course will also discuss possible forthcoming developments to this Eurocode.
(1 Day)
Geotechnical Design of Earth Retaining Structures
This course will review different earth support options and present the fundamental principles of earth and water pressures relevant to earth retaining structures. Design examples of embedded and gravity retaining structures to Eurocodes will be presented and the practical aspects of their construction will be discussed.
(1 Day)
Soft Ground Engineering
This course will discuss practical and theoretical aspects of design and construction of foundations, embankments, levees, and other structures on soft ground, including peat. Design examples will be given and approximate methods of assessing the risk of failure will be presented.
(1 Day)
Ground Investigations
This presentation will cover the development of the scope of work and specifications for Ground Investigations from the initial stage of interpreting desk study information to identify site constraints, to the development of a detailed programme of investigations that are tailored to the engineering requirements of a project.