Coaching Engineers for Solutions and Performance


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6 hours, C3

Course Overview

It is now recognised that the effective use of regular coaching conversations between managers and those reporting to them enhances performance and produces results. Coaching an engineer to identify challenges, explore options and select optimal solutions enables the engineer to develop, the manager to share responsibilities and the organisation to deliver.

Course Aim

This one-day CPD course will develop managers’ coaching skills of active listening, effective questioning and delivering productive feedback in order to better manage and develop those engineers reporting to them.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand how coaching fits into the management cycle
  • Know the components of a coaching session
  • Appreciate & practise the key skills required for successful coaching, including active listening, effective questioning, & delivering feedback.
  • Be able to apply the GROW model of coaching in a management role within an engineering context.

Note: The case studies used on the course will be specific to engineering professions. Participants will also have an opportunity to use anonymised ‘real life’ situations for several of the activities.


  • Introduction to coaching
  • The key components of a coaching session
  • Delivering effective feedback, and active listening exercises
  • Introduction to the GROW coaching model
  • Exploring the different stages of the GROW model

Trainer's Profile

Dave Conway has over 25 years’ experience as a trainer and manager in the education, semi-conductor, and financial services sectors. He is an executive and business coach, as well as a consultant providing a range of training and facilitation services across the business spectrum.

Dave has worked as a training professional and people manager and has delivered a range of training programmes from governance and compliance to residential management skills courses. 

Dave’s delivery style is highly interactive and his experience in facilitating adult learning over many years has proven itself time and time again. From team building through to people management, each course is filled with fun and challenging learning, and elicits the unique experience of the participants.

Dave has a graduate diploma in training and development (awarded by the University of Leicester), a diploma in executive and personal coaching (awarded by ECSL), on top of his original qualification in electronics (awarded by Dublin Institute of Technology). All of the above have been awarded with distinction.


  • Kevin O’Sullivan, BD: "Very informative"
  • "Lively and enthusiastic Tutor."
  • "Enjoyable and informative."
  • "Excellent, very worthwhile with some good take-aways."
  • "Thought provoking. Provided some useful tools for coaching people on teams."

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