Diploma in Engineering Leadership and Management (NFQ Level 9 Programme)

This 12-month programme aimed at engineers with between three and six years’ experience who are committed to deepening their abilities as a professional.

Accredited by TU Dublin

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Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to have a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience in an engineering-led environment and to be in relevant full-time or part-time employment. All applicants should hold a minimum qualification of an NFQ Level 8 Honours Degree in Engineering (or equivalent).


Members: €4,750

(TU Dublin Student Registration included in fee)

The total cost of attending these modules would normally be €6,500.

Skillnet are offering partial funding towards this programme for a very limited number of private sector employees.

To check if you are eligible to avail of a discounted rate, please contact the programme coordinator, Laura E. Iezzi:

Email: liezzi@engineersireland.ie
Phone: +353 1 665 1378

Programme Overview

This stand-alone Level 9 Diploma programme, which is accredited by TU Dublin, has been designed in collaboration with leading employers to specifically address gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviours across technology management, business acumen and engineering execution. The programme is designed for those who are committed to gaining the higher-order skills and abilities required to operate in new or unfamiliar contexts, such as handling complexity, and are linked to employment as a senior professional or manager with responsibility for the work output of teams.

Programme Structure

The Diploma programme is delivered on a part-time basis involving both in-person and online classroom sessions, project work, assignments, research, and workplace mentoring. The major building blocks en route to high-level engineering competence are covered across five core modules over a 12-month period.


These five core modules are delivered via 11 module components (dates listed below) which are supplemented with pre and post component assignments. The programme is rounded out by the inclusion of a final team project (explained in more detail below) that spans the duration of the programme.

The 2024 programme will be a blended offering, with an in-person induction day taking place in Engineers Ireland (Clyde Road, Dublin) at the start of the programme, as well as some additional dates scheduled in-person during the year.  The rest of the modules will take place as online classrooms.

All online classroom module components will take place via Zoom. The modules have been adapted to online delivery and most will run between 9am to 5pm. A further breakdown of timings is available for each of the component dates - please contact the Programme Coordinator (details below) for more information.

Team Project

The Team Project module involves teams of participants choosing a real-world challenge from one of their organisations and presenting a project solution/recommendation based on team research and analysis.

This team project develops the skills of research and enquiry to enable learners to generate, evaluate and select ideas which demonstrate the role of a professional engineer in business and strategy formulation. Each project team will have an industry expert assigned to their project who will act as a supervisor to guide each team through the process.

This module concludes with an opportunity for each group to present a business case for their project solution/recommendation to a panel of personnel from Engineers Ireland, TU Dublin and selected industry experts.


Successful participants will receive a Diploma from Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), which is worth 30 ECTS credits at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Coordinator, Laura E. Iezzi:

Email: liezzi@engineersireland.ie
Phone: +353 1 665 1378


"This Diploma programme was a good gateway for applying for Chartered Engineer title and as a whole gave me a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge and enhance my competencies as an engineer. It provided me with a channel of information on how to become a proficient project manager, helping me arrange my knowledge in a more structured way. The programme allowed me to deepen my understanding that project management is not just about technical proficiency but also appreciating the leadership skills required through mastering of soft skills such as presentation, communication, negotiation and people management skills."

Teresa Myskow-Sypniewska, Assistant Project Manager, National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) 

"I found the learning contracts to be hugely beneficial in integrating what I learned in the classroom into my engineering career, which helped me to produce much more efficient work systems that produce higher quality products for my company. It was also very useful to be able to look back at my learning contracts when I was writing my application to become a Chartered Engineer."

Graham Cullen, Oceanographic Engineer, TechWorks Marine

"I found this diploma excellent value for money. The teachers and staff at Engineers Ireland were very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the yearlong course. It was an opportunity to meet fellow engineers of my age and of different fields. It was a chance to discuss various topics and subjects. It developed my communication skills and confidence and I feel it added a great deal of strength to both my CV and to my working career."

Sarah Mackle, Project Engineer, Midland Automation Technology Ltd

"The Diploma developed my skills and confidence in the following areas: leadership, communications and presentations. The programme has provided me a number of management tools that has increased my ability to effectively manage technical workshops. After completing the programme, I was selected for promotion and the skills I learned allowed me to transition seamlessly into a more senior leadership role."

Commandant Stephen O'Leary, Aeronautical Engineering Officer, Irish Air Corps