The Resilient Mind at Work


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6 hours, C4

Course Overview

What makes some people focus and perform better under pressure while others struggle? Resilience is a measure of your subconscious flexibility and also what practical and psychological coping mechanisms you have access to. This unique, practical training experience will help you perform to your full ability each day equipped with the tools and techniques to reduce stress.

Course Aim

  • To enable you to understand stress and how you personally react to it
  • To put you in control of your own stress response
  • In order to be able to control your personal reaction you must first be mindful of it and then be able to "feel" that you can control it

Learning objectives

By the end of this programme, you will understand:

  • What stress actually is
  • How the mind and body react to stress
  • The flight-to-flight reaction
  • Common coping mechanisms
  • The general adaption syndrome
  • The main areas of stress management 
  • How to make a personal Stress Management Plan
  • How to cope with work overload
  • Time management tips
  • How to work with powerful people
  • How to deliver bad news
  • Performance and environmental stress
  • Awareness and positive thinking
  • The power of thought
  • How your mind works
  • How to manage emotions

Training Approach

Training Centered 35%

The trainer will direct, facilitate, and support the learning process with flipcharts, power-point, videos etc.

Learner Centered 65% 

You will engage in small/large group discussions, brainstorming, real life examples, simulation, exercises, and questions/answer sessions. The trainer will encourage and direct you to integrate and apply your own field of expertise (transferable skills) into the training day. You will be asked to participate in all aspects of the training and to evaluate and reflect on the experience.

Experiential learning will be used heavily so that you can gain a 'feel' for what the real-life situations will be like. The trainer very often uses his own personal life as examples.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to suit all levels throughout an organisation and is aimed at individuals who want to learn simple techniques to improve their stress management and capacity to deal with the pressures of our modern workplace.

Trainer’s Profile


Richard's ability to design and deliver this course came from his very unique background, experience and education. He qualified as an Industrial Engineer in 1992 winning the AP O Reilly award for his paper in Industrial Psychology. He worked as the National Education officer with the Institute of Industrial Engineers for 2 years and worked in the area of business improvement in the manufacturing industry for almost 20 years. His primary remit was focusing on changing organisational architecture, problem solving and involving people in the change process.

Richard was also a member of the corporate safety audit team for the global toy company, Hasbro. Having held management roles in many multi-national businesses, he earned his MBA in 2002. He then qualified as a trainer with the IITD in 2007. He has lectured at Waterford Institute of Technology at BSc level teaching a course called organisations of the future.

Richard is a registered and insured hypno-psychoanalyst with the ICHP and runs a private clinic where he helps adults and children tackle a large range of disorders where psychological forces are involved. He specialised in stress and anxiety disorders.


  • “Great course and well presented, very interactive and worked course content around participants keeping everyone engaged and helping individuals with their own personal queries.”
  • “Fantastic module, I really enjoyed the day.”
  • “This course was well structured for online – made a difference seeing the tutor standing and using the board as opposed to looking at slides”
  • “Very, very interesting module. Woke me up to a lot of things, took a lot away from it”

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email