Engineers Ireland membership and community

Being a part of the Engineers Ireland community gives you access to an abundance of resources, networking events, and CPD training. Your membership also gives you access to a number of supports and services available to our member community, such as participation with our various Regions, Divisions and Societies.

We also look forward to supporting and guiding you with professional development, such as a Registered Professional Title, and networking opportunities which we hold events for throughout the year.

Have a look below on how best you can engage with your membership today.

Membership series

Awarding Registered Professional Titles

Engineers Ireland supports its members in achieving their professional title, such as Chartered Engineer.

International recognition of your qualifications

Engineers Ireland membership strengthens your recognition abroad, contributing to the global experiences afforded to members

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Consider the comprehensive suite of CPD courses available to enhance your knowledge.

Maintaining professional and educational standards

See how Engineers Ireland champions and protects the image of the engineering profession through standards, accreditation, ethics and policies.

Free CPD series and Sector webinars

Engineers Ireland has developed a suite of free webinars to enhance members' CPD opportunities.

Supporting Career Progression

Consider the variety of engagements available for you to enhance your experience and career, like volunteering.

Online Resources/communications

Engineers Ireland compiles and curates a plethora of resources, available to assist engineers in their role.

Encouraging employers to support your membership

Showcase the many reasons as to why your employer should consider contributing to your professional institute, helping to enhance your professional progression.

Advocating on behalf of Members and the Profession

Engineering is represented in policy, internationally and in the community to establish the trusted competence of engineers.

Make the most out of your membership.

Make the most out of your membership and how to apply for a Professional Title in Ireland.


Dashboard personalisation

Dashboard personalisation is the key to seeing what you want, getting what's best suited to you from our website.

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Click on 'My Personalisation' and from here you can choose which Discipline you want to follow, as well as the 12 regions, 11 divisions and 11 societies. This will help show you CPD and Free events in these areas, as well as subscribing you to email alerts when events of interest are happening.

Keep up to date all things engineering

You can subscribe to our three main email communications, read the Engineers Journal or listen to our podcast AMPLIFIED, and even keep up to date on the latest jobs on the market.

We're here to help
If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Membership team on (01) 665 1334.