Regulations and ethics

According to the Engineering 2018 study, over 90% of respondents regarded engineers as being both honest and highly competent. To uphold the reputation and integrity of the engineering industry our members adhere to a high standard of professionalism and excellence.

Membership regulations

The Engineers Ireland membership regulations set out the competencies that are required for membership with us and ensure a straightforward application process.

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Code of Ethics

The engineering profession requires a high standard of scientific education and specialised training, formation and experience. We should adhere to an appropriate Code of Ethics as an essential characteristic of our profession

Due to the rights and obligations of our profession, our Code of Ethics is clearly defined to ensure that individual members:

  •     Behave at all times with integrity
  •     Remain aware of their responsibilities to themselves, society, their clients, employers and colleagues
  •     Strive to maintain the highest levels of competence in their respective technical disciplines
  •     Seek to enhance and promote the standing of the profession and its practitioners

Code of practice for advertising or publication

This code lays down standards for members who publish, or authorise the publication of, advertisements announcing their practice or availability. The code also outlines standards for the tone and content of these publications or advertisements.

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Our Bye-Laws are the rules that govern our organisation and our members, in accordance with our Charter and the Acts of the Oireachtas of 1960.

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Complaint form

If you would like to make a complaint about a member of Engineers Ireland, please download and submit our complaint form. Read more here: Download

Professional stamps
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