Code of ethics

One of Engineers Ireland’s objectives in the Bye Laws is ‘maintaining a proper standard of professional ethics and conduct.’ All members must meet the standards of ethics and conduct set out in the Code of Ethics. The Code applies to all Engineers Ireland members, irrespective of their grade, the professional role they fulfil, or the country or countries in which they practice. It is the duty of each member to comply with the provisions of the Code.

The Code of Ethics (2023) sets out how members must act at all times with fairness, courtesy and good faith toward all persons with whom the member has professional dealings, and in accordance with the public good. A member’s obligations to the client can never override their responsibility to the public good, and members of Engineers Ireland should not enter undertakings which compromise this responsibility. Members must uphold the values of truth, honesty, trustworthiness, and safeguard human life and welfare, and the environment.

The aim of the separation of the Code document into two new documents (the Code of Ethics and its accompanying Disciplinary Procedures for Breaches of the Code of Ethics) is to allow the code of conduct piece to be shorter and more concise. Bringing forward a shorter Code of Ethics document is deliberate as narrative and understanding around ethical behaviour can be complex. The objective of this two-page document is to have direct statements for our members that convey meaning accurately, and get to the core of our member-obligations.

Disciplinary procedures for breaches of the Code of Ethics

Professions in general promote and enforce codes of ethical behaviour through their professional organisations.

In the event that a member is alleged to have breached the Code of Ethics, they may be subject to disciplinary action. The procedure for considering complaints of alleged breaches of the Code, the sanctions available, and the appeal process for members is outlined in the document below.

Guidance Notes on the Interpretation and Application of the Code of Ethics (2023)

Engineers Ireland has prepared guidance notes to assist members in their interpretation and application of these principles. The guidance notes cover the main areas where instances of improper conduct have arisen. An extract on sustainability and ethics has also been prepared based on the Code of Ethics (2023) and guidance notes.

Complaint Form

If you wish to make a complaint about a member of Engineers Ireland, please download and submit our complaint form. If your complaint is made after the coming into operation of the current version of the Disciplinary Procedures, your complaint will be dealt with under the current version of the Disciplinary Procedures (the 2023 version). In terms of assessing whether there has been a breach of the Code, the relevant Code of Ethics shall be the one in force at the time of the alleged misconduct. The current Code took effect on 1 February 2023.