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What is engineering?

Engineers take ideas and turn them into reality, using science, math and imagination. Engineers are masters of problem-solving and creative design. As a career, engineering offers a chance to make a difference to people's lives, while you enjoy a dynamic and varied working life.

Engineers are in demand worldwide because they are essential to the growth and development of every country. The progress of civilisation has largely depended on the work of engineers, who have harnessed and controlled our environment to provide us with essentials for living like water, shelter and power.

In the past few decades, engineers have changed the world by helping to send astronauts into space, mapping the human genome, and creating the internet. Right now, engineers are working on innovative projects from solar energy to synthetic organs, driverless cars to virtual reality headsets.

Students of engineering develop a valuable set of skills that serve as a strong career foundation. Engineers are problem-solvers; they have a flexible, creative approach to work; and they work well in teams.

These skills are highly useful in every role from technician to chief executive, and in every industry from aerospace to healthcare to software.

An engineering qualification offers a chance to do interesting work with interesting people, enhance people's lives, and explore almost unlimited career opportunities.

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