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Welcome, Teachers! Engineers Ireland is looking to find talented young engineers across the country through its flagship competition: the STEPS Young Engineers Award. 

The STEPS Young Engineers Award is aimed at 3rd and 4th class primary school students in the Republic of Ireland. Students taking part identify a project they would like to do that would improve their community. 

Registration is now open click the link below.



About the Young Engineers Award

This is a project-style competition. Teachers divide the class into teams up to 6. Each team comes up with a project idea by identifying something they would like to improve in their community. 

The students follow a structured STEPS Project Book comprising a series of worksheets. The book itself is self-explanatory and the teacher’s role is that of facilitator. There is no requirement for any background in engineering to take part!

To find out more of the experience watch our Spotlight Series or take a look at our Teacher FAQs.

STEPS volunteer engineer visit

An optional, but important and much-loved, part of the students’ engineering journey is for the teams to present their projects. This could be to their teacher, a local engineer, the principal and/or their peers. This is fantastic experience for any young person, not just an aspiring engineer!

The STEPS Young Engineers Award is aligned with the STEPS Volunteer Engineer Programme. Teachers can request a visit from one of our Volunteer Engineers to visit their class (virtually) to listen to the students’ presentations and to give encouraging feedback. The STEPS Volunteer will also give a brief talk on their life as an engineer.

Support and resources

STEPS has many resources available to support you on your engineering journey:

  • The STEPS Project Book – this is what the students will use to guide their project
  • Webinars – a series of four webinars corresponding with each step of the Project Book
  • Weekly check-ins – We send weekly emails with updates, reminders and suggestions
  • *NEW Presentation skills for students – Mark Langtry (RTE) gives tips to students on how to present their projects
  • *NEW The Teachers Conference – a mini-series covering relevant topics to support teachers and improve their confidence

(Please note: the link to all the resources is circulated in September to registered teachers)


Contact the STEPS team
Call the STEPS team on (01) 665 1340