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Chemical engineers develop the industrial processes used to make everyday products such as food, drink, drugs, cosmetics, plastics and electronics.

Chemical and process engineers try to keep up with modern society's growing demand for new products and processes. A chemical engineer can be involved in all kinds of industrial process developments, from the large-scale manufacture of medicines to the design of water treatment plants to researching new compounds for cosmetics. Ireland is the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in the world. Around 120 international pharmaceutical companies have bases in Ireland, including the top 10 global pharma companies.

Chemical and process engineers use their problem solving skills to…

1. Develop new, efficient manufacturing methods for products, from paint to food.
2. Research new methods for the safe and efficient mass production of medicines.
3. Design and construct chemical manufacturing plants.
4. Develop new fuel supplies from renewable resources.
5. Design safety procedures to be used by workers in chemical factories.


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