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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers use their problem-solving skills to design machines and technologies to improve our world.

Mechanical engineers are masters of problem-solving, invention and creative design. They turn ideas into reality, using their knowledge of materials, physics, energy and technology.

Mechanical engineers create all sorts of machines and devices, from jet engines to robots to medical devices to mobile phones. Mechanical engineers face the challenge of keeping up with rapid advances in technology. These engineers often work at the leading edge of innovation, on projects such as driverless cars, alternative energy sources, development of new materials and augmented reality glasses.

Mechanical engineers use their problem-solving skills to…

1. Design and develop new energy and alternative energy systems.
2. Invent robotics for use in industry, space and healthcare.
3. Design new communications and entertainment devices.
4. Make engines faster and more fuel-efficient –from cars to rockets.
5. Develop new materials to support new products.

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