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Biosystems, agriculture and food engineers design systems to deliver high-quality, safe and economical food to consumers.

All aspects of the food chain are of concern to biosystems, agriculture and food engineers – from environmental protection to food production to food distribution. These engineers face serious challenges in a world with an increasing population, shrinking resources and evergrowing demands for food and energy. Biosystems, agriculture and food engineers tackle issues such as how to develop renewable energy resources, and how to process, package and store food efficiently.

Biosystems, agricultural and food engineers use their problem solving skills to…

1. Improve and protect water, soil and air quality.
2. Design technology to make the production and processing of food more efficient.
3. Maintain and extend the shelf life of food, through enhanced packaging.
4. Develop new farming and industrial machinery to harvest raw materials.
5. Create renewable energy resources and new systems for sustainable development.
6. Research new methods for growing food in harsh environments, including outer space.

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