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Building Services

Building services engineers bring life to buildings, protecting the people who pass through and enhancing their experience of the structure.

Building services engineers are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of all the services required in any kind of building, from a home to an office block to a cinema. These services include water, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, communications networks, transport and electricity, as well as safety and security systems such as fire detection, escape routes, CCTV and alarms. These services are needed for new buildings and also for retrofitting – extending the life of a building or bringing an old building back to life, e.g., when converting a warehouse into apartments. Building services engineers are also challenged to make buildings as energy efficient as possible. These engineers often work on large projects with other professionals such as architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors.

Building services engineers use their problem-solving skills to…

1. Develop new energy-saving systems for buildings.
2. Design safer fire escape routes for structures.
3. Enhance transport systems in large complexes, such as shopping centres.
4. Roll out high-tech communications networks for industry.
5. Ensure compliance with building safety laws and regulations.
6. Manage the lifecycle of requirements for a building overtime.


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