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Computer and software engineers

Computer and software engineers design and develop hardware, software and information systems for computers and mobile devices.

Computer and software engineers devise the hardware and software that run the ever-evolving world around us, from communications and entertainment to transport and healthcare systems. These engineers are at the forefront of emerging technology, whether designing a new games console, developing new microchips and processors, or working on the latest operating systems or security software.

Software developers can work on projects ranging from smartphone apps to payroll systems, environmental monitoring systems to cloud computing. Ireland is now the biggest exporter of software in the world, and nine of the top 10 software companies have a presence here. The technology sector as a whole employs around 105,000 people across Ireland.

Computer and software engineers use their problem-solving skills to…

1. Make the internet safer through developing enhanced security systems.
2. Create new hardware for the mobile, gaming and entertainment industries.
3. Design chips and microprocessors to make computer systems run faster and more efficiently.
4. Design software apps for use on mobile devices and corporate networks.
5. Improve healthcare systems through the design of new diagnostic tests and equipment.

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