Returning to work

No matter your circumstances, returning to the workplace can be a challenge.

Engineers Ireland are here to support you all the way. Restarting your career should be an exciting prospect, however, it’s important that you make yourself aware of changes in the industry.

The Engineers Journal contains a wealth of news and insights that can help you to prepare for your return to work. Upskilling can be time consuming, but it is vital following a career break and can be the key to finding your confidence when re-entering the workforce.

As well as our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, Engineers Ireland offers a range of online eLearning courses to our members, including one specifically geared towards job search strategy.

Exploring and improving your professional network is another way Engineers Ireland can help on your back-to-work journey. We offer a range of events for engineers at all stages of their careers, where professionals can discuss their industry and ongoing projects. These conversations can help to identify changes to the workplaces that a jobseeker may need to focus on.