Checklist before you begin your application

Making sure you have the correct details at hand before you apply for you Engineers Ireland membership will help the process go quick and smooth.

Use the full name of your qualification

For example:

  • Correct: BEng (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering
  • Incorrect: Civil Engineerinh

Your qualification must be in English

An official translation to English is also accepted. Find out more about official translation options 

Include important dates

The year you started your qualification

The year you graduated (i.e. year you received your parchment)

Verified copy of your qualification

Engineers Ireland is a qualification-based membership organisation that needs to confirm you completed your qualification before you can be considered for full membership. 

Responding to COVID-19 we’ve taken measures to verify qualifications online in simple secure steps. 

Please upload the verified copy of your qualification to your dashboard by selecting the ‘qualifications’ tile.

If you do not have a verified copy of your award when you are completing your application, please select ‘do later’. 

Remember that you cannot complete your application until you have uploaded your verified qualifications. 

There are three options or verifying your qualifications, details of which can be found here

Proof of referral

If you were referred by a friend for membership you will need their membership number in order for them to receive their benefits

Card payment details

If your company is paying your fee you will be given the option to skip payment

Points to note

  • If you have no formal qualification or your qualification is not in Engineering but you are working in an Engineering role, there may still be a route to membership for you.
  • You can upload your qualifications at a later date but your application will not be processed until you have completed this step and hence you will not have full access to the membership benefits
  • You can make payment later but please bear in mind that your application will not be processed until payment is received.
  • A receipt will automatically be generated and emailed to you once payment is confirmed. This receipt will also be available in your membership dashboard

If you have no formal engineering qualification but you are working in an engineering role

Experiential Learning Route to Membership – must have 15 years' engineering experience
Who Can Apply:
This is the route to membership for you if you have:
-    An unaccredited level 6 engineering/technician qualification
-    A level 7 qualification that is related to engineering
-    Or if you have no engineering qualification

What is required for an application:  
Personal Details:
This section includes your contact details, employment details, qualifications and declarations.  Submit certified copies of any qualifications you may have achieved.  Please note all documents must be submitted in English, including any qualifications. If the originals are not in English please provide a certified translation in addition to the original document.

Payment of Application Fee:  
When the route to membership has been confirmed you will then have access to the document required to complete your application on your profile:

Statements of formation of an Engineer:
This section is where you provide details and examples of how you have developed as an engineer.  In each section you should provide statements to demonstrate how, through your engineering experience, you have developed the following attributes expected of an engineer.  

(a)    Have knowledge and understanding of the mathematics, sciences, engineering technology sciences and technologies related to their particular branch of engineering technology.
(b)    Have the ability to identify, formulate and solve broadly-defined problems in their particular branch of engineering technology.
(c)    Have the ability to contribute to the design of components, systems and processes to meet specified needs.
(d)    Have the ability to conduct investigations to facilitate the solution of broadly-defined problems within their particular branch of engineering technology.

The word count for each of the Formation Statements is 750 words and should be written the first person.  The examples you provide should focus on the engineering principles and expertise you apply in your role, detailing the discipline of engineering involved.  You should highlight your own personal role and responsibilities using phrases such as “I was responsible for” or “I designed”.  The statements should explain your actual involvement and should include details of one or more engineering projects to which you made a significant contribution in a work-based or academic setting.  Examples from any qualifications or training you have undertaken can be used to assist you to demonstrate how you have developed the attributes required.  The use of specific examples, rather than broad statements, is very important and you should avoid general statements.  The details you include should provide the basis for a critical evaluation of your knowledge and competence to function as an engineer. 

Engineering Project Report
You are also required to provide a 2,500 word Engineering Project report in support of your application.  
The content should describe in detail an engineering project which you have successfully undertaken.  It is essential you do not over-describe the project but you should clearly illustrate the role you have played in the delivery of the project, explaining your actual involvement and the work required. The report should clearly demonstrate your understanding and application of engineering design and analysis in relation to the project. The main function of this report is to assist the Membership and Qualifications Board in the assessment of your engineering design experience.  The report should be written in the first person and should cover the following topics:
-    Research (investigation, literature review, analysis, experiments.
-    Design (Problem-solving calculations and drawing)
-    Planning
-    Implementation
-    Results and conclusion

Career Summary Details:
In this section, you are required to detail your employment details and the roles and responsibilities you have held since graduation. This should clearly demonstrate that you are currently working in an engineering role and have a minimum of 15 years’ engineering experience.

Continuing Professional Development CPD
You are required to provide proof of training and CPD that you have taken throughout your career. Candidates are advised to provide as much details as possible. If required Engineers Ireland may request copies of CPD certificates.

If you do not have 15 years' engineering work experience please contact the Membership Team.

Mutual Recognition Agreements

Have you received a professional title from a country that has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with Ireland? Click here to learn how to get your title recognised by Engineers Ireland.

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